Gold Exchange


A small amount of unwanted jewelry can quickly add up to a lot of cash.  And with gold at record highs now is a great time to trade in your unwanted jewelry. We purchase old or unwanted jewelry made of gold, platinum or sterling silver in addition to diamonds, high end watches, estate jewelry and more.  The amount of cash you receive is based on the karat of the gold, the weight of the item and the price gold is trading at on the day you sell it. 

EWB is your trusted source for trading in your unwanted jewelry for cash.  Our scales are calibrated and certified by NY State, there are no refining fees or hidden costs of any kind, there are no minimum weights, and we licensed, bonded and insured to trade gold for cash. 

The process is FREE and bears absolutely no risk.  We will mail you a package including a tamper-free envelope and a pre-paid shipping label insured for $1000.  If you need additional coverage we are happy to provide that to you.  When your package is received in our office we will contact you with an offer.  Upon acceptance of our offer we will mail you a check, wire money into your account (a nominal fee may apply) or deposit money into your PayPal account.  If you decline our offer we will mail your jewelry back to you at no charge.  To get started simply Email Customer Service and a package will be mailed to you within 24 hours!

Trade in your unwanted jewelry and apply the value to a new EWB order!

Email Customer Service with your Name, Phone and Address and a FREE package will be shipped to you!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.  Call us at 866-508-1366 or email