Lab Grown Diamonds

Popularity and sales of Lab-Grown Diamonds has been on the rise the last few years and taken a sharp increase more recently. Scientists have fine-tuned the process to create real, quality, brilliant diamonds, and retailers sell them at about 30% less than a mined diamond.  Consumers are discovering the many benefits to purchasing a lab grown diamond and the industry is booming. 

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Real Diamonds?

Lab Grown Diamonds are real diamonds!  Lab-Grown Diamonds are made of the same material as genuine diamonds. The only difference between lab grown diamonds and genuine diamonds is the method in which they are grown. Genuine diamonds form in the Earth’s mantle through the combination of heat, pressure and time. Lab Grown Diamonds use highly advanced technology to duplicate the conditions under which mined diamonds naturally develop.  Lab-grown diamonds are grown from actual carbon seeds of pre-existing diamonds. Extreme heat and pressure is applied to the carbon seed and within a few months a diamond is formed. Lab-Grown diamonds are made of the same material as genuine diamonds and are visually, chemically and physically identical to them.

Some argue that lab grown diamonds have an even greater number of benefits than a mined diamond.  Most mined diamonds have visible flaws such as black spots, specks, color, etc. Lab Grown Diamonds, on the other hand, tend to have fewer such flaws because the process used to create these stones is designed to minimize imperfections. Lab Grown Diamonds are 100% conflict-free with no human or environmental exploitation. And, lab grown diamonds cost approximately 30% less than a natural diamond.

Benefits of a Lab-Grown Diamond:

  • Conflict free, Eco-Friendly and Responsibly Grown
  • No human or Environmental Exploitation
  • Exceptional Quality and Purity
  • Costs about 30% less than a mined diamond


Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds!  They are every bit as magical and luxurious as diamonds that were created naturally millions of years ago, and they are eco-friendly and responsibly grown. We are proud to offer our customers this less expensive but equally brilliant, luxurious, and dazzling diamond option of exceptional quality and purity. With a 30-day return policy you can see for yourself the beauty of our lab grown diamonds, risk-free.