We are pleased to offer customers the option to purchase wedding rings on layaway.  You can make a maximum of 5 payments in a 4 month time frame. Each payment can be made online, in an amount and at a time convenient for you.  Once final payment is received we will ship your wedding ring. See below for further details on purchasing your diamond wedding band online with layway. 

To select Layaway as your payment option simply set the drop down option "Purchase Item on Layaway" to Yes and continue to add the item to your shopping cart.  


Terms and Conditions: 

First Payment

First payment is due at time of checkout.  First payment includes 25% of item plus $50 processing fee. 

Additional Payments

A maximum of 4 additional payments are allowed in a 4 month time frame.  You can login to your account and make a payment at any point within the 4 months.  When final payment is received your ring will be manufactured and shipped.  


Layaway requires a $50 non-refundable processing fee paid with the first payment.  All other payments made towards the purchase of the ring will be refunded if the order is cancelled before shipment.  

To Make a Payment

Login to your account and select Layaway.  Enter the amount you wish you pay and click on 'Pay Installment'.  This will bring you to the checkout page where you can enter your desired payment method. 

Tracking Your Layaway Purchase

You can login to your account at any time and select 'Layaway' to view all orders purchased on Layaway.  You can view the amount paid, amount remaining, maximum number of installments left and the due date for final payment.


Note: Item is not shipped until final payment is received.   

If you have any questions about purchasing wedding bands on layaway, please feel free to contact