LifeTime Buyback

Our rings will last a lifetime, but there’s a good possibility your preferences will change.  After many years styles are amended and your financial situation may change. You may be ready for a new style of wedding band or even the same style with larger diamonds.  The decision on whom to purchase your wedding band from now will affect this opportunity in the future.  Make the right decision now by ensuring the company you purchase your wedding band from has a LifeTime Buy Back Guarantee.  When you’re ready to upgrade your ring you’ll be happy you did!

EWB is proud to offer our LifeTime Buy Back Guarantee for all diamond ring purchases.  At any point in time we will purchase any diamond ring sold directly from for 75% of the original purchase price.  The credit must be used at the same time to purchase a new ring with a minimum purchase price of 1.5 times greater than the original purchase price.

Upgrade Your Ring

The original ring must be returned in undamaged condition.  Normal wear and tear is expected.  EWB reserves the right to decline any buy back and change the conditions of the program at any time.   If customer returns the upgraded ring a refund will be provided for any money paid for the exchange only and the original ring will be returned.  No refund will be given for the original ring.