Platinum is one of the strongest and most enduring metals in the world.  It features numerous qualities that make it a very appealing choice as a wedding band. Learn some of the benefits of platinum rings below.

The most appealing characteristic of Platinum is its durability and strength. Platinum will not easily chip or splinter, although it can scratch and leave marks.  It is more resistant to wear and tear than gold or silver.  Platinum is the perfect compliment to diamonds as it hold gems securely in the wedding band.  The stunning pure white color of Platinum enhances diamonds brilliance.  Platinum is hypoallergenic which is the most important factor for many customers that have an allergy to the alloys used in white gold.

For these many reasons Platinum is more expensive than gold, however due to the appealing characteristics many people believe Platinum to be the most desirable choice for a wedding band and well worth the additional money.

Difference between Platinum and White Gold:

Platinum holds many advantages over white gold. First, platinum is far more durable than gold. Its durability delivers much greater resistance to wear and tear than white gold. Platinum is also hypo-allergenic, which is one of the more common reasons customers select Platinum over White Gold. Many customers have an allergy to the alloys used in white gold thus making Platinum a more suitable option. Lastly, Platinum is naturally pure white vs. white gold, which requires a mixture of alloys to make it appear white.

How to Bring Your Platinum Ring Back to its Original Beautiful Finish

Over time platinum jewelry loses its luster and sparkle. To bring back that beautiful and shiny look you need to get the ring professionally polished. EWB offers a refurbishing service for $55.00 in which we will clean and polish the ring, inspect and repair the setting as necessary and bring back your ring to its original luster and shine. Your ring will look brand new as the day you purchased it! Contact customer service at or call us at 866-508-1366 to get started.