Refurbishing Your Ring

Over time your ring will lose its sheen and luster. Every day products such as hand lotion, styling products, suntan lotion, etc. can leave a small layer on your wedding band that builds up over time. After months dirt can build up in the mounting thus making the diamond appear less brilliant.  Through every day use scratches and nicks will appear. This is normal and besides keeping your beautiful ring locked up in a drawer, is unavoidable.

We recommend refurbishing your ring every 1-2 years to keep the setting secure and bring back the beautiful polish and shine it boasted when you first purchased your ring. 

EWB will refurbish your ring as follows:

  • Clean your ring – remove all dirt and grime from the diamonds and setting
  • Secure the Setting – we will examine the setting to ensure there are no loose diamonds or anything compromising the setting and security of the diamonds.  We will tighten and secure the setting to ensure another years worth of secure diamonds
  • Polishing – all rings in Platinum, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold will be polished to bring back the shine and luster it boasted when you first purchased your ring
  • Plating – all rings in White Gold will be re-plated with Rhodium.  Rhodium is a metal in the Platinum family of metals.  You may have noticed a yellow tint to your white gold ring.  This is due to the Rhodium plating being worn off.  After re-plating your ring will be brought back to the original color, shine and luster it had when you first purchased it
  • Shipping – Customer is responsible for shipping the ring to EWB but we will ship your ring back to you free of charge.  We recommend shipping the ring insured for the full value.

After refurbishing your ring will look as new as the first day you received it!

To get started purchase Refurbishing then follow the instructions to ship your ring to us.

Your wedding band is a precious investment.  If cared for properly it can keep its beautiful brilliance and shine and be proudly handed down to children and grandchildren to become a wonderful family heirloom.  To have EWB professionally refurbish your ring please purchase the Refurbishing option here 

Refurbish My Ring