Sizing Your Ring

A beautiful wedding band looks and feels its best when it is sized correctly to your finger. Your wedding ring should fit comfortably on your finger.  It should be a bit snug so that it does not fall off, but always able to be removed easily. Follow our ring sizing tips below and learn how to find your ring size.

Finding Your Finger Size

To determine your correct ring size we recommend using our online tool Find Your Ring Size.

If you are between sizes and unsure of which ring size to purchase, choose the smaller ring size as there is much less possible damage to the ring when enlarging it by ¼ or ½ finger size than there is when decreasing it to a smaller finger size. Do not order the smaller ring size, however, if it is too snug or tight of a fit. You always want the ring to be able to come off with a slight tug.

30 Day Sizing Policy

All ring purchases are backed by our 30-day Free Sizing policy. If you find the ring does not fit perfectly we are happy to size it or exchange it for a new ring with the correct finger size. All rings must be received within 30 days of shipment date for free sizing. After 30 days we are happy to size your ring for a nominal fee, provided sizing is possible based on manufacturers recommendations. The customer is responsible for shipping costs associated with Free Sizing.

Purchasing a Wide Wedding Band

A wide ring may require a larger finger size; adjust your finger size by .25 – 1.0 sizes if you are purchasing a wide band or contact customer service for assistance.

Exchanging Your Ring for a Different Size

If you need to resize your ring by ½ or ¼ finger size, we ask that you consider the following: Many times a new ring can take a few days to feel comfortable on your finger. Your fingers may actually change size throughout the day, depending on the weather and temperature, and may fit more comfortably at different times of the day. Due to these factors we recommend that you wear the ring for approximately 48 hours before determining whether or not to resize the ring. With our experience we find that after wearing the ring for 48 hours many customers determine that they do not need to resize their ring, and this trial period saved them shipping fees and the process of exchanging the ring only to realize it was just fine in the first place.


International Ring Size Conversion Chart

For our international customers who need to find their US ring size, you may use our International Ring Size Conversion Chart.  This quick reference chart allows you to find your US ring size based on the sizes used in your own country.