Make Your Ring Size-Able!

Eternity rings are seen as an elite option for a wedding band. Lustrous diamonds surround the entire ring and sparkle from every angle. The only drawback to an eternity ring is that resizing an eternity band is not possible. Until now

Make This Ring Size-AbleEWB offers a unique feature where we input a ring sizing bar in your eternity ring. Based on the size of the diamonds in your ring we replace 1-3 stones with a small metal bar that assists in sizing your ring any time in the future.  Any jeweler will be able resize your eternity ring smaller or larger to fit your needs.  The Total Carat Weight of your ring will not change.  We will manufacture your ring with larger diamonds to accommodate for the missing diamonds, thus keeping the Total Carat Weight the same. There is no charge for this service.

Now your eternity ring can last for, well, ETERNITY!